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    We do believe that our solutions should address “real problems” and our number one goal is improving our clients’ results; based on that, we take action in specific areas.

    Mobile Apps

    We develop hybrid apps for the major mobile platforms: Apple, Android and Windows Phone.

    Virtual Stores and Sites

    We create stunning virtual stores based on our exclusive platform, 100% integrated with mobile and ERP solutions.

    Management systems

    We develop customized systems whose goal is to suit the management needs of each client in a unique way.

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    Integration between payment systems, electronic invoice, risk analysis and logistics are just some examples of what our team carries out every day.

    Consulting and Outsourcing

    Keep the focus on your business and let us deal with IT, our team will address your company’s technology needs.



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    The code is part of our name and DNA, you can rely on our team when it comes to programming.

    Analysis and project

    Shall we talk? We will deeply understand your idea or project in order to go after the best technology.

    Information Architecture

    By documenting your project beforehand, you can anticipate results and have a complete insight before its development.

    Responsive Design

    Mobility is something serious for us, thus our projects are always outlined by being initially focused on mobile devices.

    Total customization

    Flexible and absolutely customizable systems, since we do believe that your business is unique.

    APIs and Web services

    The system integration is taken seriously, by being focused on speed, reliability and safety.


    We are by your side at any given moment, whether to clarify a simple question or to deploy a brand new project.


    We deploy the best market practices in order to ensure that your site is always found.

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    You can sell on the internet by relying on the most renowned means of payment, in a safe manner.

    • Analysis

      The first step is to understand their need and define the project, with a detailed description.

    • Architecture and Design

      Understood the project we will create the interface of screens and features of your system.

    • Development

      It’s the code hour using the most modern tools and frameworks on the market we’ve developed your application.

    • Launch and maintenance

      After delivery you have the full support of our team for the success of your application.

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    Hybrid x native apps, what are the differences and when should one opt for them?

    May 24, 2017
    A wide number of customers get in touch with our team, presenting their doubts about the mobile world, without actually knowing what solution represents a better fit for their business, and our answer is always the following: it depends. Yes, because, depending on the moment that your company is facing, and also on the goals you want to achieve, there is a technology capable of suiting your need. What are hybrid apps? Hybrid apps are based on web technologies such as HTML, Javascript and CSS, which try to simulate the interfaces of the Android, iOS and Windows systems and, by the end of their development, they can be compiled relying on web views and published in the AppStore and Google Play. What are the upsides of hybrid apps? There are several of them, which include the following: Price: The cost of developing hybrid apps is significantly lower than the one associated with a native development. Agility: Since the code is based on Web technology, and entirely shared between the platforms, the development time tends to be quite low as well. Visual flexibility: The interfaces which are conceived by relying on web technologies actually provide a greater flexibility when it comes to implementing customised interfaces. Test-friendly: As it is based on web technology, the app can easily be tested, even in a web browser which streamlines the whole changing cycle procedure. What are the downsides of hybrid apps? Above all, the speed of interfaces built on HTML needs to be emphasised, as it has the tendency to be slower than the interfaces natively conceived, what can represent a hassle for apps whose goal is to provide a speedy offline navigation or the usage of OS interfaces. What are native apps? Native applications are based on the native technologies of each platform, Swift or Objective C for iOS, and Java for Android, relying only on the standard interfaces of each operative system. What are the upsides of native apps? They are mainly related to the interface speed, which, by using native components, provide a much more enjoyable experience to the user. What are the downsides of hybrid apps? The main downside is the price, since the code is not actually shared between platforms, this prompts the need for two developing teams working with different technologies, which virtually doubles the development cost. When should one use each of these solutions? We always recommend to assess what are the app goals and define the current moment of the company. For apps which will have a short life cycle or for start-ups that are just testing the market in an initial stage, the hybrid technology will harvest the best results overall when taking into account the cost-benefit ratio, however, if the app is going to be developed for an already established business, focused on a demanding audience, using the native technology is a valid option. That’s about it, hopefully I was able to make this subject a bit clearer, if you need any help, then get in touch

    Check the 4 steps to optimise the company’s processes

    April 26, 2017
    With time, the operational costs remain high and the quality of the products and services provided is not able to surpass the competition, so in order to avoid having that happening in your business, follow these 4 steps enlisted below. In order to assume the market’s leading position, first you need to optimise the company’s processes on a constant basis. This because, as the competition grows in size, only the most well-prepared are able to keep their activities running for years. Many can even blame the crisis or the competition itself, but as a matter of fact the companies are often the ones accountable for the situation! They prefer to stay immovable, they have ended up attaching themselves to ineffective processes and they weren’t able to cope with adversity. With time, the operational costs remain high and the quality of the products and services provided is not able to surpass the competition. That way, the road towards bankruptcy is a certainty. In order to avoid having that happening in your business, follow these 4 steps enlisted below. Identify the stages The optimisation’s first stage is all about finding out what kind of activities are part of a specific process inside your company. It’s worth remembering that the processes qualify themselves as continuous sequences made of facts or operations, which present a certain unity or are capable of reproducing themselves quite often in time. Furthermore, it’s important to identify if every procedure is actually able to produce a product that suits internal and external customers. Let’s talk about the purchase of a certain supply, for instance. Your steps are: Supply request, done by a collaborator or a team; Request analysis, carried out by the purchasing sector; Carrying out a pricing research and a budget gathering; Consolidation of comparative table of prices; Presentation of results for purposes related to purchase management; Purchase approval, fitting one of those budgets; Request’s negotiation and consummation; Request follow-up and supplier registration; Receiving and registering the delivered product. As you can see for yourself, this involves a set of sequential stages. The outcome is a product for an internal customer – the collaborator or the team that has requested the supply. Analyse the processes There are several ways to cope with the processes: you can consider that, beyond being expensive and ineffective, they attain more headaches than great results. With that, you decide that they must be deleted, inevitable; in another case, you identify poor processes, but you realise that there’s room for optimisation; it’s also possible to realise that some operations are adequate and effective, yet they can be optimised nonetheless. In that situation, it’s interesting to take measures to enhance them; there are also those ranked with a high level of price-performance ratio and efficiency. In that case, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. In order to know what sort of situations you’re going through, answer the following questions: What are the processes’ intermediate goals? What are the final goals? What are the results

    Why is it important to know how to manage information in your business?

    April 5, 2017
      Information is the foundation success for any company. Those with accurate, trustworthy and timely information have a significant economic advantage over their competition. Thus, it is important to manage information with the same sort of care that you steer your most valuable assets, such as the capital, the equipment and the workers. For this reason, one needs to carry out a careful data management, strategically controlling it. That way it becomes possible to gain competitive advantages over your competition, increasing one’s notoriety within the market. After all, many sociologists say that we are living in the era of informational capitalism, in which knowledge is gold. What are the cons of an ineffective information management? Opportunities are wasted Businesses that rely on poorly systematic, laggard and hasty methods in their information management practices end up finding out that they have actually lost critical information when they were making decisions. Thus, unique opportunities are wasted, something that gives your competitors a chance to stay ahead of your company. Erroneous choices are made With the wrong kind of information, your company can commit irreparable mistakes. Many investments require accurate and updated information about their own business, such as the most searched products/services, the most productive workers, the equipment’s age, financial health. A wrong decision can put in jeopardy the whole company. An overall ineffective development Any company must grow organically. After all, we shouldn’t confuse an increase in profits with continuous development. We can have high rates of profits, but register a negative evolution in relation to the remaining actors of the market. So, in a blink of an eye, a high income can become a major loss. Thus, it is important to share information in a strategic way. Your managers need to know the real situation of your business in order to make decisions. Your collaborators need to have advanced information in order to present better ideas. Businesses that confine information out of fear of leakage can be severely impaired. What are the advantages of managing your business information with efficiency? An effective information management improves the organisational efficiency, as well as the business’s results, fostering measurable competitive advantages, such as intimacy with the customer, optimisation of suppliers, risk mitigation, decision-support based on data, and internal transparency. Actually, any process that relies on delivering quality, trustworthy and appropriate information to its users requires good information management practices. Check this: Intimacy with the customer Your customers are tired of cold relationships within the business environment. When your company seems to be in a frenzied quest for profit, without caring about its relationship with customers, the chances of having them switching to a competitor that provides better conditions are much more likely. On the other hand, when we establish a bond with them, which they respect, and even when they happen to have affection for your company, they will thoroughly think before making the decision to quit on us. So, even if your competitor happens to provide superior conditions, the customer will prefer

    Be familiar with the importance of developing an app for your business

    April 5, 2017
    The world in which we live, and the way we interact with everything around us, have both been drastically altered after the launch of the very first iPhone, in 2007. Since then, the use of mobile devices and its significance in everyone’s daily lives is blatantly obvious, now more than ever. And that is why your business needs an app. Please acknowledge that, as we speak, it is almost impossible to live without being online. The power of this tool allows a whole set of practicalities that, until recently, were unimaginable, and its advantages can be used in every sort of situation, basically. But you must be asking yourself why is it important to have an app for your business, right? If you really want to know that, keep reading and check 4 reasons to develop an app for your business. Are you ready? On-the-fly marketing A properly developed application allows your audience to have access to your business at any given time, anywhere. The possibility of enhancement, of usability and the chance to introduce new functionalities adds to the increase of its usage, preventing that the app falls into oblivion or ends up excluded. Moreover, it is possible to develop an application that allows browsing through the products and/or services of your company – even when the user happens to be offline. This resource prompts convenience and it is not available any other way, which can represent a competitive differential. On-the-fly Research With a smart mobile app, you have access to extremely valuable information about your consumers: location data, contacts, phone numbers, friends and social media followers are some examples of it. Such information streamlines the communication with your audience and they can even provide clues about the needs of your prospects, for instance. So, you end up having a broader perspective about your purchasers’ behaviours – something unfeasible to achieve by solely relying on a mobile site. Proximity to customers Your relationship with your clients become more intimate when they interact with your company through the means of an app. By providing an app, you allow your clients to get closer to your business and, because you do so, your are fostering the share of experiences between both parties. While the site is an environment in which people search for info, the app is a system that allows them to interact with your company. This interaction will naturally strengthen your brand from the perspective of your consumers. Understand that, in order to get closer to customers, you need to become more useful, and that is precisely what an app can provide. The company must find a way to nurture its relationship with the audience if its goal is to stand out. Cloud Sales You go through an enormous effort to sell more and improve your company’s results, right? Well, but did you know that sales (in all internet) that are carried out on mobile apps are increasing more and more? When taking such information into consideration, there’s nothing

    4 types of digital tools which will foster the growth of your business

    February 28, 2017
    It is no secret all that technology has evolved and changed the business market’s paradigm. Nowadays, the changes go from increasing the efficiency of daily operations to providing brand new and more advanced products based on digital tools. Historically, the small-sized entrepreneur believed that technological innovations solely targeted large and medium-sized companies. But the truth is that the advancement of technology is always accountable for the widespread use of its own benefits. As we speak, technology is equally accessible to everyone, and even small businesses can benefit from its advantages and stay ahead of their competition when it comes to conquering the consumer’s heart. Thus, in a field that is getting more competitive each day, small companies that have the ability to adapt themselves to this new reality and embrace technological advancements, enhancing their own operations, will be the ones capable of staying afloat and grow in the market. So, if you don’t want to drop to the back of the peloton and need to know how technology can improve several traits of your company’s management, making it flourish, follow this post and meet 4 digital tools which will your foster your business’s growth! 1. E-commerce If you think that the electronic commerce is something new in Brazil, know that it celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2017. Currently more than 50 billion reais are traded every single year through this market and the trend shows that this figure will grow even more. This is due to a change in the consumer behavior. If, before, it was deeply impacted by major advertisement spots and glamorous shop windows, nowadays the consumer seeks comfort, convenience and agility when he does his shopping. This is what turned online commerce into something almost mandatory to businesses of all markets. After all, according to forecasts, e-commerce is expected to growth 10% to 15% in 2017, increasing this purchase model’s market share in the financial results of those who sell online. In order for you to finally realize that you should create an online store for your business, below we have listed some of the major benefits that an e-commerce is able to offer to your company. Check them out: Quickness and efficiency Quickness is one of the major traits of online commerce. A customer who’s already aware of what he wants will be able to find a store with that product and purchase it in a matter of minutes. You probably have already crossed paths with those famous buttons saying “one-click buy” in most online stores, right? This is all due to the fact that the less effort the consumer has to endure to conclude his own purchase, the greater the chances of him finishing it. And, if you happen to provide this buying opportunity with the least number of obstacles, you will realize that the chances of conquering brand new customers will increase significantly. 24-hour store Have you ever thought about getting profits even from the moments when your business isn’t operating? With e-commerce, that

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    I was extremely satisfied with Alphacode’s service. From the initial contact, established through Skype, in which I was thoroughly heard and understood (we know that not every company acts this way in the first contact) to the job’s completion, everything was irreprehensible, totally meeting our needs and expectations. We have already included Alphacode in our list of digital service providers, holding its first place ranking. A fair price and a quick and efficient work. We at Ferreira/Crespin do recommend it.

    Fernando Crespin, FerreiraCrespin

    Alphacode is a strategic partner of Clube do Ingresso. They understand our business and deliver the most proper solutions by meeting the basic elements of price, deadline and quality. We don’t go for some other company when we need to develop and adjust our systems.

    Emerson Garcia , Clube do Ingresso

    Regarding our company, Alphacode took on the challenge to work and adjust an already existing system, created by other company. Besides surpassing the expectations deadline-wise, which was really short, they provided the necessary support in the final adjustments during the execution of our activities. A highly recommended company.

    Denilson Claro, Cotação BR

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